Bats are found the length and breadth of the British Isles, some are common but others are close to extinction. In Cheshire we have around six species that can be found. From the tiny Pipistrelle bat to the much larger Noctule bat. It is important that you handle bats with care and always wear gloves. Some bats carry a strain of rabies, mainly Daubento's.

Bats often enter houses accidentally and may come to rest on a curtain or even find themselves trapped in a vase or other receptacles. Occasionally they are brought in by cats. If you have a bat that is flying in your house and obviously unharmed, open the window as wide as you can and try to encourage it out. If you have observed it flying and manage to secure it you can release it right away. If you discover the bat in the daytime put it in a shoebox with a bottle top of water and leave it in a quiet place till dark. Wearing gloves place the bat on a tree or side of the house and the bat should sort itself out. Don't worry if you see the bat shivering, this normal behaviour before they take off. If the bat is still there in the morning then it needs to be taken to a rescue centre. This also applies if the bat is injured in any way. If you are not sure you can still take it to be checked out, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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