What it's like to volunteer at Lower Moss Wood?


"Hi, my name is Christine and I have been volunteering at Lower Moss Wildlife Hospital since June 2021. My volunteering history goes back to the 90s when I was a..."


"Since I was young I’ve been really interested in animals, plants, environments and habitats, and have always wanted to care and conserve for whatever I can. Lower Moss...

Become a Volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Lower Moss Wood.

You choose the time and day you are available to work and that will then be entered onto the Rota. The Spring and Summer months are our busiest time of the year. If you cannot offer a set time and day, then you are still welcome to volunteer as a floating volunteer on a when available basis.

We need volunteers to help in the wildlife hospital and in the outside enclosures. This includes all aspects of animal husbandry, such as food preparation, feeding, cleaning of enclosures and equipment and mucking out.

Other volunteer opportunities are in woodland management. This includes maintaining the pathways and walkways, scrub clearing, maintenance of hides and keeping the watercourses clear.

There is also a need for general maintenance throughout the year, which comprises of building and repairing enclosures such as aviaries and animal pens and other repair work, including the area around the study centre.

Due to what's involved, the minimum age for volunteers is 14 years accompanied by an appropriate adult. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please complete the application form below and hit send.

Inspired to volunteer?

Fill in the volunteer application form below or scroll back down to download the PDF form to print off and email back to us.


Volunteer Application Form

Please explain why you would like to become volunteer at Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital and describe any experience you may have of caring for or handling animals.
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(Please note, this information is for health and safety/first aid purposes only, and will not be used to make a decision on your suitability as a volunteer). Note: should your application be successful we advise you to ensure that your tetanus vaccination is up to date. If you wish to work with bats, you need to ensure you are vaccinated against rabies.

If you prefer to download the PDF volunteer application form:

Hit the download button, fill in the form and then send back to hospital@lowermosswood.com

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