Leave a Legacy

The old hospital at Lower Moss Wood was closed a few years ago, but thanks to generous donations and an unexpected legacy it has been re-built with the aim of increasing the capability and quality of care for the wildlife patients.

The building has opened just weeks after Ray travelled to the House of Lords after winning the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Animal Action award after teaching more than 50,000 adults and children about the natural world.

After re-designing the hospital by scratch, Ray has now had the opportunity to show the public, his donors and animal lovers across the country how the money has been invested to save the lives of animals across the north west.

"Helping save and preserve the local wildlife starts with compassion for those the public find injured, mostly through interaction with man. Said Ray.

The more we can help and rehabilitate back to the wild will ensure our future generations enjoyment.

I want to thank all who have supported us through the rebuild, without friends and volunteers hard work this dream would never have materialised."

The new hospital, which is built in the same 18 acres of land, boasts a room for small mammals, a large mammals room, a kitchen, a food store and a laundry, as well as a bird room, a specimen lab, an intensive care room and an operating theatre.

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