Meet The Volunteers


Hi, my name is Christine and I have been volunteering at Lower Moss Wildlife Hospital since June 2021. My volunteering history goes back to the 90s when I was a volunteer at Chester Zoo talking to the public and promoting conservation in the wild.

This led to me wanting a more hands on role so I ventured to South Africa in 2005 to volunteer at a baboon rescue and rehabilitation centre deep in the African bush.  I continued to regularly visit until covid stopped travel in 2020.

During those years I also volunteered at a Primate sanctuary in Wales whose permanent residents include chimps, baboons, varies monkey species and wolves. I have also been a dog walker at our local dog rescue for 10 years.

So what led me to Lower Moss?

Walking my dog one morning I noticed a small bird by the side of a busy road. I picked it up and brought it home hoping that it would recover quickly but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t going to fly off.

Knowing of Lower Moss I contacted them and took my patient in and after being assessed left in their care to recover. Driving home I realised this could be the place I had been looking for. For some time I had been thinking of finding a new volunteer role and challenge and with covid restrictions relaxing this seemed the perfect time to try something different.

And the rest, as they say is, is history.

I look forward to my weekly visit and being with like minded people. There are  sad  moments as not all rescues have a happy ending but many more survive and take up their lives again in the wild so it is very rewarding.

To anyone with a passion for wildlife and who is not afraid to get their hands dirty this could be the place for you.

Hi. I'm Will.

Since I was young I’ve been really interested in animals, plants, environments and habitats, and have always wanted to care and conserve for whatever I can.

Lower Moss Wood has given me the opportunity to come and learn more about how to look after and care for the injured wildlife of the UK, and given me great hands on experience with a wide variety of animals.

I’m currently studying to be a zoo keeper in college, and working with experienced members of lower moss wood has really helped me gain confidence and knowledge that will be extremely helpful for me in the future.