Barn Owl

Shimba is an extremely placid bird and can often been seen on the glove at many of our fundraising events.  As with all Barn owls she has a heart shaped face, very long legs, toes and talons to help her catch her prey.

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Over the years hand-reared wild birds and animals are brought to the wildlife hospital to be given refuge as their owners can no longer care for them. As these animals and birds have been reared by humans and have never lived in the wild they cannot be released. Instead they rely on humans for their every need. They have never learnt or needed to hunt for food so their food has to be provided for them. They have no fear imprint either so they cannot protect themselves as they would have learnt to do in the wild.

Due to the fact that they don’t go hungry and aren’t exposed to the dangers of living wild these animals and birds have a much longer lifespan in captivity. In fact we cared for a kestrel named Rosie who was 25 years old when she died. The average lifespan for a wild kestrel is on average 4 years!

By adopting Shimba you will be helping with the cost of providing her food, shelter and any medical treatment she may require.

For only £35 and you will receive an adoption pack as a thank you.

Your adoption pack will include

  • An A4 mounted photograph
  • An adoption certificate
  • A Lower Moss Wood badge
  • A Lower Moss Wood pen
  • Seasonal newsletters

If purchasing as a gift, please be sure to enter the recipient’s name and address so we can it to them direct.